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Adult & Pediatric Orthodontics

Adult and Pediatric Orthodontics has long been a staple in the Portland and Windham communities here in Maine, and once you experience our expert care, you will understand why. We make it our top priority to provide our patients with top-notch orthodontic care, doing so in an environment that is welcoming and caring. Dr. Johanna Yu brings the latest orthodontic technology into her treatment, allowing patients to access cutting-edge care that is faster and more nuanced than ever before.

Additionally, we custom make every treatment plan, never reusing plans from patient to patient. This allows us to consider your wants and needs and even the balance of facial features to deliver the best possible result. Whether you are a pediatric patient, teenager, or adult, we have the skills and technology needed to craft a beautiful smile for you.

Contact us to schedule your initial appointment at Adult and Pediatric Orthodontics. We cannot wait to see you smile!