Orthognathic surgery, commonly called orthodontic surgery, is a specialized orthodontic practice that treats and corrects facial bone abnormalities in the jaws and teeth. While other forms of orthodontic treatment can be more cosmetic than medical in some cases, orthodontic surgery is always used to correct significant medical problems. These can include restricted breathing, speech problems, sleep disturbances, and difficulty chewing.

When we suggest orthodontic surgery, we do not do so lightly. Orthodontic surgery is major surgery, and it comes with a recovery period of several weeks. However, there are cases where it is absolutely needed. We will use digital imaging to help patients understand how this surgery will benefit them before they agree to treatment.

Recovery is now faster and easier than it has been in the past. If issues are caught in patients before puberty, we can often correct them without surgery. To find out more about orthodontic surgery, schedule an initial consultation.